A whole lot of Jamb candidates will pay anything to score high in Jamb. We don’t blame them though, the competition for admission is crazy.

But we have a less expensive solution to this.

Students usually fail exams like JAMB and WAEC not because they don’t study but because they could not remember everything they’ve read.

It’s one thing to study hard and go to tutorials but it’s another thing to remember what you’ve learned.

Being able to remember what you’ve read during exam is your main goal, that’s why we create Fesfesfes Science Course to help you achieve that goal

We recreate General Biology, Physics and Chemistry lessons in a way you’d remember everything you’ve learned with little to no effort.

We use fun and interesting pictures to treat topics and sub-topics of these subjects in a way it’s hard to forget. The method we use is called visual memorization method

Cut your study time by up to 80%

Unlike textbooks that you have to read and revise several times before you can memorize it, FSC goes straight to the point, first by making you understand then by using pictures to help you memorize.


We don’t just touch the basics like memorizing formulas, laws and definitions we go deeper into applying these techniques to sub-topics like properties, reactions, application, characteristics etc.

Over 1,500 illustrations

Well over 1,500 hilarious illustrations that make the lessons simple, fun and easy to remember. With this you can learn the most amount of information in the least amount of time.

Taste the tip of the iceberg

To show how effective this course is, here are few examples of FSC

Veins bring blood into the heart.

To remember this: Veins contain the word ‘in’,

Cations are positively charged atoms and anions are negatively charged atoms

To remember this: Onions (anions) make you cry. They have negative impact.

Density formula = m/v

To remember this: move the m and v closer to the division sign and you’d get a love sign. Density is love, Dense Love😘.

Images formed by all diverging systems (regardless if it’s a lens or mirror) are always small, upright and virtual. SUV.

To remember this: Think of an SUV that diverged away from the main road.

Hooke’s Law formula. F=ke

To remember this: Fatima kissing Emeka

This was one of our earliest drawings 🙈. The hook on Fatima’s head was there to remind you of Hooke’s Law.

With the above examples how many times do you think you have to revise them to make it stick to your brain? for many of us, once. In fact many of us we still remember this after a year. This is the power of visual memory! And the beauty of many science formulas is that you can state the law or theory from the formula itself.

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Fesfesfes Science Course comes with 4 ebooks: Biology Fes, Chemistry Fes, Physics Fes and How to Memorize Large Information ebook (a detailed guide on how to use our methods to memorize any subject or information)

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